We use either hot hard wax or the 'Leah's Wax Works' brazilian rose wax that Leah specially formulated herself to make brazilian waxing less painful. The beauty therapists use disposable wooden spatulas for each client and for hygiene concerns for the therapists and the client we offer you disposable G strings.


We prepare the area and apply antiseptic cream. We then strongly suggest you change into a clean pair of underwear to prevent skin irritation due to the pores being opened after waxing.


Before you come in for a Brazilian this is a quick checklist you should go through.


  • DO NOT trim area excessively

  • DO NOT come during menstrual cycle

  • Take proper hygiene precautions prior to treatment

  • DO NOT wax if you have recently have had an operation, or given birth

  • Let the therapist know if you are on any medication

  • Please consult your therapist of any medical condition or skin irritations



We use soft gentle hypoallergenic strip wax for leg waxing, arms, and larger body areas. We also have hot wax for people with ultra sensitive skins or a more modern effective professional wax with pharmaceutical oils, bees wax and chamomile extract for delicate areas such as under arms, eyebrows, lip, face waxing and Brazilians.


Ultimate finish is then used to remove wax residue from the skin.




We sell a large range of specialised ingrown hair treatment which include creams, lotions, sprays and serums.  


These include:

  • Tend Skin Lotion - $40.00

Waxing 01 Waxing 02




Eyebrow Shape   |   $12

Lip and Eyebrow   |   $20

Lip and Nostrils   |   $10

Chin   |   $10

Lip & Chin   |   $12

Sides of Face   |   $10

Full Face Wax   |   $30

Half Leg   |   $18

Top Leg   |   $20

Top Half. Leg & Bikini   |   $30

½ leg standard, bikini + Underarm   |  $44

($2 more for top half)

½ leg, g-string, bikini + underarm  |  $50 

(same for top half)

Areola   |   $10

Full Stomach   |   $20

Bikini   |   $15

G-string Bikini   |   $20

Full Leg   |   $40

Full Leg & G-string Bikini   |   $50

Arm Wax Full   |   $20

Half Arm   |   $17

Underarm   |   $12

Lower Back   |   $12

Lower Back & Buttocks   |   $25

Full Leg & Brazilian   |   $65

Brazilian   |   $35



Eyebrow Shape   |   $12

Ears   |   $10

Nose   |   $10

Beard Line   |   $15

Underarm   |   $15

Back   |   $35

Chest   |   $35

Full Arm   |   $30

Half Arm   |   $25

Half Legg |  $30

Full Leg Wax   |   $40

Full Leg Underwear Line   |   $45

Full Leg with Higher Underwear Line   |   $55

Buttocks Cheeks   |   $25

For a quick fix you can have a add on mask while you are getting waxed.

C1-Whitening, Moisturising & pigment Taming face mask  |   $12

24k gold Yulan oil face mask   |   $15

C8-Collagen Crystal Eye mask   |   $6

24k Gold- Active Yulanoil Eye Mask   |   $10

How often will I need a treatment?

The length of time between waxing treatments does vary from person to person, dependant on the individual’s hair growth pattern.


As body hair grows in different stages it is not possible to remove all the hair evenly as some hair is still below the skin surface. Initially it may be necessary for your first couple of visits to be three weeks apart, however, you will soon see the benefits of waxing as body hair regeneration is slowed down by regular professional treatments.


Before wax


Don’t over trim

No moisture

Wash area prior to wax


After wax

Please use a gel or antiseptic cream

No perfumed moisturizes

Try not to over perspire i.e. Gym

No tight clothing

No pantyhose/stockings

No wings from sanitary pads (as this may cause chafing)


Please ask our staff for a disposable g-string or disposable gown if you are worried about getting wax on your clothes its best to take clothing off before a wax to prevent any accidents.

Even if your having a half leg/ arm wax because Leah’s Wax Works will not be responsible.

Before & After Waxing Care



We care for our customers at Leah’s Wax Works, so please advise us if you have any skin conditions, sunburn or are on any medications such as Roaccutane, Acne Creams or Washes and any strong antibiotics.  

These medications and skin conditions can affect your service, so please advise us before you commence your treatment.